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TZ168 Cord/Thread Twisting Machine



This machine is dedicated to 3 ply cord cabling in a single step process

Main Applications:

  • Tire cord (carcass)

  • High denier threads

  • Nets: Agricultural and fishing nets

  • Industrial sewing threads

  • Rubber reinforcements: Belts, hoses


The twising of each 3 ply (Z direction for example) and the cord twist (S direction) are done in a single step


  • Doffing only once, less manpower required

  • Less handling, less yarn break, less waste

  • High yarn quality

Full Flexibility because of:

  • Individual spindle positions

  • Individual twisting spindles

  • Fully electronically driven spindles

Supply yarn:

  • Supply bobbin size accoding to exiting spindle range

  • Bobbin diameter 280,300,330mm, 10 inches stroke

  • Yarn count from 700Dtex/1 to 12000Dtex/1

  • Material: PES,PA6,PA66,Aramid, Rayon, PP, PE, etc. 

Ply yarn:

  • spindle speed from 1000 to 12000 rpm

  • Twist range from 30 to 500 tpm

  • Each ply can use a different twist

  • Each spindle is individually controlled

  • Ballon yarn guide adjustable individually 

  • On-line yarn tension (optional)

Cord yarn:

  • Spindle speed from 1000 to 6000 rpm

  • Winding speed from 15 to 120m/min

  • Twist level from 30 to 500 tpm

  • Crossing angle adjustable from 18° to 45°

  • Bollon tension controlled and adjusted using on-line measuring system